(Türkçe) ÖNLÜKLER Sayfaya Git »
(Türkçe) Logolu Gömlek Sayfaya Git »
(Türkçe) Renkli Gömlek Sayfaya Git »
Sirt Koruklu Bayan (Türkçe) Sirt Koruklu Bayan Sayfaya Git »
Yaka Nakisli Gomlek (Türkçe) Yaka Nakisli Gomlek Sayfaya Git »
Marlboro Gomlek (Türkçe) Marlboro Gomlek Sayfaya Git »
Garson Gomlek (Türkçe) Garson Gomlek Sayfaya Git »
Garni Yaka Gomlek (Türkçe) Garni Yaka Gomlek Sayfaya Git »
Biyeli Bayan (Türkçe) Biyeli Bayan Gömlek Sayfaya Git »
Ata Yaka Gomlek (Türkçe) Ata Yaka Gömlek Sayfaya Git »
DSC_1023 (Türkçe) Nakışlı T-Shirt Sayfaya Git »
DSC_1021 (Türkçe) Mavi Levis Gömlek Sayfaya Git »
DSC_1017 (Türkçe) Maximum Gömlek Sayfaya Git »
Cons-Jeans-1001-WOMAN-SHIRT-1895-590701-3-zoom (Türkçe) Bayan Gömlek Sayfaya Git »
Resim 303 Shirt Sayfaya Git »
LT01 Lacoste Model Sayfaya Git »
LKT04 T-SHIRT Sayfaya Git »
KLP01 PANTS Sayfaya Git »
sarıyer APRONS Sayfaya Git »
gomlekk SHIRTS Sayfaya Git »
DSC_0147 (Türkçe) ÖNLÜKLER
Restoran (Türkçe) Logolu...
DSC_0052 (Türkçe) Renkli...
Sirt Koruklu Bayan (Türkçe) Sirt...
Yaka Nakisli Gomlek (Türkçe) Yaka...
Marlboro Gomlek (Türkçe) Marlboro...
Garson Gomlek (Türkçe) Garson...
Garni Yaka Gomlek (Türkçe) Garni Yaka...
Biyeli Bayan (Türkçe) Biyeli...
Ata Yaka Gomlek (Türkçe) Ata Yaka...
DSC_1023 (Türkçe) Nakışlı...
DSC_1021 (Türkçe) Mavi Levis...
DSC_1017 (Türkçe) Maximum...
Cons-Jeans-1001-WOMAN-SHIRT-1895-590701-3-zoom (Türkçe) Bayan...
Resim 303 Shirt
LT01 Lacoste Model
sarıyer APRONS
gomlekk SHIRTS

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BILTEKS SHIRT and UNIFORM, produces working clothes, personnel clothes and usual shirts for all sector with a whole new outlook.

We make you assure that you get the high quality products with our experienced staff. “What we did is our guarantee to what we can do”

BILTEKS is keeping up with all new trends in textile sector and this effects the product quality. We try to do the best  to satisfy for our customers and fulfill their needs.

We have one mission from the time we started;
Be in the right place, in the right time with right prices and with the right products to meet them with our customers.
For detailed information please visit our products pages.